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Leaf & Chloe’s Light Roast, Ecuador

Leaf & Chloe’s Light Roast, Ecuador

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Puppy love

Leaf and Chloe have grown up together, Leaf used to be able to walk underneath Chloe! While most don’t need the energy of these two pups, this LIGHT roast will give you the boost you need with the taste you’ll love!

Meet Barnhouse’s Light Roast, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Ecuador. This exceptional roast tantalizes the palate with delightful tasting notes of caramel and chocolate, creating a harmonious symphony of sweetness. The brightness of the brew enhances the overall experience, offering a clean and crisp finish that lingers in the senses. Brighten your day with this radiant coffee. Lovingly roasted by Hero Roasting Co.

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